Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Support Friendship and Compassion

James celebrating another beautiful birthday!

Friendship, support and compassion are all small components that make up the complex puzzle that is living with DMD. With every milestone, and every birthday, I'm reminded just how important friendship, support and compassion are. While some argue that it takes years to establish deep friendships, it's crazy how difficulties often expedite that process. Since DMD affects only a tiny number of boys, and it evolves as each year passes, finding someone in the same position that is happy to lend an ear is a blessing in disguise. 

One of the friendships that I've formed is with Sharyn a mother of four and also raising a son with DMD. She and I connected on FaceBook about a year ago and have been sharing stories about our sons ever since. In fact, there is a DMD community here on FaceBook, it is such a huge support network and you learn so much about the every day battles faced by boys with DMD e.g. bullying at school, inability to buy clothing that fits comfortably, how to convert your car for wheelchair access etc.

Ollie celebrating turning 3 recently!

Sharyn lives in QLD, her son James is 9 and she is an inspiration to me. She doesn't sugar coat anything, which is testimony to her blog. She is happy to answer any questions I have with honesty (e.g. dealing with Ollie's iron and vitamin D deficiency, talking about the splints ollie now wears to bed each night, and even how she explains James' condition to her other 3 children). I am certainly learning a lot from Sharyn and all the other people I have connected with since Ollie's diagnosis 3 yrs ago.

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